Cairo Association of Teachers - Newsletter

CAT Tracks for November 2, 1998
Since you have been asking . . .

Christmas Bonus

Cairo School District Number One DID receive additional State aid money for the 1998-99 School Year. According to figures received by the CAT (and verified by the District Office), all employees will receive an additional 5% salary increase this year! Half of that amount will be paid on December 18th, with the other half being paid on June 15th. In terms of dollars, a 5% raise will range from approximately $1100 on the low end to $2200 on the high end. Divided into two payments, this means that you can expect additional salary of between $550 and $1100 (before taxes). Hopefully, that will assist you in your Christmas shopping plans!!!

Professional Growth

Most of you received correspondence recently from the Regional Superintendent's Office. Many have been wondering and asking: "What am I supposed to do with this?" (Most of us have heard that new legislation indicated that we would have to present evidence of professional growth during a five-year period beginning with the expiration of our current certificate. BUT why the concern over documentation of the past?)

I decided to call the Regional Office and find out. And the answer is: Your guess is as good as theirs! Actually, the Regional Office indicated that nothing official has come down concerning what constitutes professional growth or what time period will be established for demonstration of same. They (the Regional Office) have taken it upon themselves to begin preparations for whatever may finally emerge. This is the reason for the "transcripts" that you received in the mail. They are trying to begin the process of documentation--indicating to you what they currently have on file and giving you the opportunity to make corrections/additions. For this they are to be commended.

On the local front, I intend to contact Dr. Isom and initiate discussion on establishing a procedure to insure that the Regional Office receives notification of future professional growth by bargaining unit members. Hopefully, the combined efforts of the Regional Office and CSD #1 will insure that whenever and whatever the State finally dictates, we will make a smooth transition from the old to the new.

Next Vacation: Veterans Day - Nov. 11!