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CAT Tracks for January 12, 2005

The OWL is dead!

No...not the Northern Spotted Owl. It's, NEA's online community. Actually, it's not has "morphed"...into a branch of the NEA parent website.

Below is the official press release...

January 10, 2005

NEA Launches Enhanced Web Site for Educators and Community
Nation's Largest Education Organization Merges Internet Resources to Create Super Site

Washington, DC - The National Education Association today launched a greatly enhanced Web site with the best professional resources for educators and their communities.

Since 2002, NEA has maintained a public Web site and a member-only, professional resource site. The new site - - combines and expands upon the best features of both sites.

"The National Education Association is creating the number one resource Web site for educators," said NEA President Reg Weaver. "As we continue to develop we will include more tools for education professionals as well as ways to involve parents and community members, the building blocks for ensuring a great public school for every child."

In keeping with NEA's commitment to educators and students, the new site includes resources for teachers and education support professionals, as well as for parents, the press and the public. These resources include:

* Teaching Resources
* Online Professional Development
* The Latest Information on No Child Left Behind
* IDEA Tools
* NEA's Read Across America Updates
* NEA Professional Library
* Job Placement Services

NEA members will be able to take advantage of member-only discounts ranging from online professional development to long distance service discounts and other special offers. Visit and see why the National Education Association is the voice for public education.

For more information, contact:

Rick Geier
NEA Information Technology Services