Cairo Association of Teachers - Newsletter

CAT Tracks for January 13, 2005

The December 1st edition of CAT Tracks announced that Superintendent Harbin had expressed an interest in beginning contract negotiations early...prior to the April 1st "beginning date" specified in the Contract. The CAT bargaining team is in agreement that an early start to bargaining would be beneficial to BOTH sides...hopefully avoiding the uncertainty and tension that builds during the summer months.

However, the Contract is clear..."Negotiations shall begin no earlier than April 1."

Fortunately, this stipulation can be waived by mutual consent. Dr. Harbin has indicated that the BOE has given him authorization to proceed. In order for the CAT bargaining team to proceed, we need YOUR official sanction.

Accordingly, the CAT will conduct a membership poll on Friday, January 14th, in each attendance center to determine your agreement/disagreement with removing the April 1st barrier to early negotiations. The results will be announced as soon as they are tabulated.

(If significant objection is raised - 20% or more - a membership meeting will held next week in order to fully discuss this issue and make a final decision by a majority of those present. If no significant objection is raised on January 14th, then the CAT bargaining team will contact the Superintendent/BOE to establish a date for the beginning of negotiations.)

Attached to that December 1st edition of CAT Tracks was a "Negotiations Survey" for your completion and submission. Those surveys have been received and tabulated. "Thank You!" for your input.

Whether negotiations begin before or after April 1st, the surveys provide the information that we need to properly represent your CURRENT concerns. When the time comes, rest assured that your team will make those known to the Superintendent and BOE.

As always, your bargaining representatives (De De O'Shea, Ledora Beard, Deborah Hammel, Ruth Baily, Penny Farris, and Ron Newell) will keep you fully informed during the process and are available for questions. As negotiations sessions are scheduled and held, you will receive online updates in the CAT Tracks. If the need arises, a membership meeting will be called. FOR SURE - a meeting will be held prior to the end of this school year...either to apprise you of our progress or - HOPEFULLY - to ratify a successor agreement!

NOTE: If you have not yet signed up for e-mail bulletins, you can do so at:

Or...give your e-mail address to your bargaining team representative and we will take care of it for you!