Cairo Association of Teachers - Newsletter

CAT Tracks for January 28, 2005

Cairo School District employees received a notice with their paychecks today that the dedication ceremony for the Cairo Community Education Center - CEC - would be held on February 14, 2005. One of the featured speakers will be the President of the National Education Association - our very own Reg Weaver. To accommodate a last minute change in President Weaver's schedule (as in yesterday afternoon after the notices had been signed and sealed for delivery), the announced date of the dedication has been changed. The dedication is now scheduled for Thursday, February plan accordingly.

There will much more about the plans as we grow closer to the date of the dedication. However, PLEASE, MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Plan to attend this event - which should be easy since it's on school time!!! Dr. Harbin has graciously arranged to dismiss school early that day so that ALL of us will have the opportunity to attend. Trust me on will be well worth your time!

In addition to all of the other activities and speakers that have been (or will be) scheduled, this is an opportunity to meet and hear a human dynamo. President Weaver (or Reg, or Reggie, as he is known to all who have met him) will deliver an upbeat and motivating message that is appropriate to the occasion. I have been fortunate to attend many functions at which he has spoken, and I have never been disappointed.

So...get ready...February 17th...prepare to be Reggiecized!