Cairo Association of Teachers - Newsletter

CAT Tracks for January 28, 2005

Since a couple of CATs have expressed curiosity...

Negotiations have NOT actually one has presented anyone with a proposal. What HAS happened...which may have sparked the "curiosity thing" that a meeting was held this past Wednesday (1/26/05) between Superintendent Harbin and the CAT bargaining team.

Dr. Harbin expressed his desire to "change the atmosphere" of negotiations...away from confrontation towards collaboration. Your team gave a resounding "AMEN"!

Dr. Harbin then presented us with documents showing financial facts and projections. It was his expressed desire to be open - to "lay the cards on the table" - in hopes that we could agree on the current and probable future financial status of the set the stage for "reality based" discussions concerning salary and benefits .

(In our earlier discussions, I had shared with Dr. Harbin the "history" of our previous negotiations...the process. CAT would submit a proposal for a significant pay raise...more than what we ever expected to receive. The BOE would counter with a proposal to freeze or cut salary and benefits. BOTH sides were trying to provide themselves with LOTS of "wiggle room" to negotiate. BUT...needless to say, by then, BOTH sides were "ready to rumble"...and we usually did.)'s "broke"...let's try to fix it!

CAT will be contacting Dr. Harbin next week to establish a time frame for negotiations...hopefully scheduling the first session.

As always, we will keep you informed of our progress through special editions of the CAT Tracks.

Stay tuned...