Cairo Association of Teachers - Newsletter

CAT Tracks for December 21, 2004
FOOD 911

In reviewing materials for today's monthly meeting of the Cairo Financial Oversight Panel, I noticed that a "Holiday Luncheon" is being provided. Well...reminded me of an "oversight" in the report of last week's regular Cairo BOE meeting.

The meeting was a catered affair...complete with food warmers...the STERNO-powered type. As the meeting progressed, strange rumbling sounds were heard ever so often. At first, no one paid attention. I thought maybe it was the old water heating system, except, after further reflection, I remembered that they got rid of that years ago.

Then a couple of the BOE members closest to the food warmers started glancing over their shoulders periodically...and it became apparent to all that it was the food that was demanding attention. We kept watching...waiting...wondering...when would it blow?!

Finally, after an initial investigation failed to discover a means of shutting off the STERNO, an alarm went out for Afton Green to come "put out the fire". When it was reported that Afton had "left the building" - to attend to another function - Auxiliary Fireperson Brenda Jones came to the rescue...using the STERNO can lids that had been placed out of sight.


Well, at least if the City of Cairo threatens to shut down the fire department again, we'll know who to call...

PS: Just got back from the FOP uneventful meeting in which they approved actions taken by the BOE last week.

PPS: Got invited to partake of the Holiday Luncheon. As usual, Afton Green did an excellent job! A big "THANK YOU!" to Afton for the preparation and the Financial Administrators (Jim Bales, Tom Oates, and Lee Rogers) for the invite!

PPPS: The food remained silent!