Cairo Association of Teachers - Newsletter

CAT Tracks for January 18, 2005

While looking for something - which remained securely unfound - I did happen to stumble across the first ever CAT Tracks. Thought you might like to see what was going on "back in the day"...

Also uncovered...the original scrapbook of the back to the battle for recognition in 1978.

The IEA has placed much emphasis on the importance of locals "securing history" more and more of the "regulars" are finally taking their well-earned retirements. There is fear that "newbies" will forget their past...and be doomed to repeat it. (Some of the "good old days" weren't so good.)

Actually, there is recognition that many "newbies" don't really want to hear about those least not now. However, as they go about the process of building their own "modern history", maybe - just maybe - there will come a time when they WILL want to look back... one of the "old dogs"...oops, CATs!...I plan to launch a new page in the CAT Tracks that will provide a few snapshots "down memory lane". Hope you find it interesting...

Postscript: I, personally, haven't been into the "preserving history" thing too much. I mean...if you want to know something about the past...just ask me! I ain't goin' nowhere... :-)