Cairo Association of Teachers - Newsletter

CAT Tracks for February 16, 2005

Do I have to go? In a word...YES!

Why? Let me count the ways...

Folks...if we weren't doing this dedication, you would be at school until the regular dismissal time. So..."Ya ain't missin' nothin'!" You are getting paid for the day...enjoy!

Dr. conjuntion with Regional Superintendent Dan Anderson...has agreed to dismiss the students early so that we may have the opportunity to participate in the ceremony. They did NOT have to do that! I would venture a guess that in the recent (and distant) past, this would not have happened! We need to be gracious...and accept a new spirit of collaboration!

Are they going to be "taking roll"? Probably was a previous administration that humiliated us by making us "report" for our paychecks at the teachers' institute at Shawnee Community College. (Too young to remember that? Lucky you!)

Personally, I plan to be there! In fact, I will be doing "extended duty" in driving the President of the National Education Association to Paducah to catch his 5 o'clock plane. Reg Weaver has accepted our invitation to Cairo...and he is a VERY busy man! Reg did NOT have to do this.

Let us show Reg...and Dr. Harbin...and Dan Anderson that we appreciate their efforts...efforts to reach out and embrace OUR efforts...that so often go unrecognized and unappreciated.

So...Are you going? YES...because YOU are a guest of honor!

See you there...