Cairo Association of Teachers - Contract


10.1 Full and Complete Understanding

The terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement represent the full and complete understanding between the parties. The terms and conditions may be modified only through the written mutual consent of the parties.

10.2 Limitations

Terms and conditions not expressly provided in this Agreement are to be reserved unto the Board and its officers and the authority granted to them by statute shall not be diminished by this Agreement.

10.3 Individual Contracts

The terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be reflected in individual contracts or employment agreements.

10.4 Savings Clause

Should any article, section, or clause of this Agreement be declared illegal by a court of competent jurisdiction then that article, section, or clause shall be deleted from this Agreement to the extent that it violated the law. The remaining articles, sections, or clauses shall remain in full force and effect.

10.5 No-Strike

The Association agrees that during the term of this Agreement that it or its individual members will not in whole or part refuse to render complete service to the School District.

10.6 Term of Agreement

This agreement shall be in effect for a three (3) year period (2005-06, 2006-07, and 2007-08) and shall expire at midnight on June 30, 2008.