Cairo Association of Teachers - Newsletter

CAT Tracks for March 11, 2009

...on a Wednesday.

Hey...was too "morose" yesterday...thinking about negotiations.

However, since I have "vented"'s time to PARTY!

Since any good party needs music, I'm sharing the following e-mail...

From: iTunes Store
Date: 3/10/2009 3:54:15 PM
Subject: New Music Tuesday: Kelly Clarkson Week, exclusive Carrie Underwood song, Keith Urban, and more

Wondered about the "Valentine's Day" theme...a mite late for that!

However, they redeemed themselves with the following...

But...what about THE holiday?

You know, the holiday for those who toil daily in the "District of the Damned" - aka Cairo School District Number One???

Well, the subject line above did say "and more"...

Sure enough...the purrfect solution to your March 15th shopping list...that special something for those whose every tomorrow looms like the "Ides of March"!!!

Without further ado...

...the album you've all been waiting for...just in time for the big holiday!!!

The album that speaks to us...documenting as it does the recent disappearance of Cairo Superintendent of Schools Leotis D. Swopes from Friday, February 20th through Tuesday, February 24th.

Can I get a drum roll please...

CSN...the CAT Shopping Network is now taking orders.

Call 1-800-555-SUPT to reserve your copy!

If you are among the first ten (10) callers, you will received - ABSOLUTELY FREE - one dozen used golf balls (which may or may not have hit a passing vehicle along 42nd and Sycamore in beautiful uptown Cairo!)

A small shipping and handling charge will be added to all orders.

CALL NOW...only 4 more shopping days left!!!