Cairo Association of Teachers - Contract


9.1 Each bargaining unit member shall join the Association or pay a fair share not to exceed the amount of dues uniformly required of Association members.

9.2 In the event that the bargaining unit member does not pay his/her fair share fee directly to the Association by a certain date as established by the Association, the Employer shall deduct the fair share fee from the wages of the non-member.

9.3 Such fee shall be paid to the Association by the Employer no later than ten (10) days following deduction.

9.4 In the event of any legal action against the Employer brought in a court or administrative agency because of its compliance with this Article, the Association agrees to defend such action, at its own expense and through its own counsel, provided:

A. The Employer gives immediate notice of such action in writing to the Association and permits the Association intervention as a party if it so desires, and

B. The Employer gives full and complete cooperation to the Association and its counsel in securing and giving evidence, obtaining witnesses and making relevant information available at both trial and all appellate levels.

9.5 The Association agrees that in any action so defended, it will indemnify and hold harmless the Employer from any liability for damages and costs imposed by a final judgment of a court or administrative agency as a direct consequence of the Employer's non-negligent compliance with this Article.

It is expressly understood that this save harmless provision will not apply to any claim, demand, suit or other form of liability which may arise as a result of any type of willful misconduct by the Employer, or the Employer's failure to comply with the rules and regulations of the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board.

9.6 Any objections to the amount of the fair share fee shall be made according to the rules and regulations of the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board.

9.7 The obligation to pay a fair share fee will not apply to any employee who, on the basis of a bonafide religious tenet or teaching of a church or religious body of which such employee is a member or a belief sincerely held with the strength of traditional religious views, objects to the payment of a fair share fee to the Association. Upon proper substantiation and collection of the entire fee, the Association will make payment on behalf of the employee to a mutually agreeable non-religious charitable organization as per Association policy and the Rules and Regulations of the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board.