CAT Tracks for November 28, 2010

Pilots fans...

If you plan to support your team, ya'll better trade in your paddlewheels for some least for this week!!!

Here is the schedule for our student-athletes for their opening week:

DAMN! Talk about a baptism by fire!!!

Forget school work for most of the week...

...probably have to leave at noon Tuesday for Muhlenberg County, come in late on Wednesday, then leave right after school on Wednesday for Du Quoin. Thursday and Friday might be "normal" days.

Then comes Hell Week(end). Early season, before the legs have been truly conditioned! Following the Saturday night game, fans may be called upon to offer literal "support" for their team...may have to carry the Cairo players to the bus!!!

Oh, well, it's the thought that counts...

But, my God...what were they thinking???

The Pilot schedule for the 2010-11 School Year is as follows:

    Nov 23 - Energy (IL.) Agape Christian Academy
    Nov 30 @ Muhlenburg County (KY)
    N29-D4 - Du Quoin Tip-Off Classic
    Dec 7 - Dongola
    Dec 14 - Cahokia
    Dec 18 @ Lovejoy
    D27-29 - Carbondale Holiday Tourney
    Jan6 - Harrisburg
    Jan 11 @ Carbondale
    Jan 14 @ Crab Orchard
    Jan 15 - Muhlenburg County (KY) @ Shawnee CC
    J18-22 - Marion Invitational Tourney
    Feb 4 - Waltonville
    Feb 5 - Benton "Rich Herrin" Shootout vs. Harrisburg
    Feb 8 @ Caruthersville (MO.)
    Feb 15 @ Goreville
    Feb 19 - Lovejoy
    F21-25 - IHSA Regional TBA


Bon Voyage!


The CAT Tracks cartographer (CATographer?) has assured me that Muhlenburg County (KY) is located (just barely) within the Central Time Zone. You will NOT therefore have to change your watch!

The views expressed above are NOT the official position of the Cairo Association of Teachers.