Cairo Association of Teachers - Contract


1.1 The Board of Education of School District 1, Alexander County, Cairo, Illinois, hereinafter referred to as the "Board", recognizes the Cairo Association of Teachers, an affiliate of the Illinois Education Association and the National Education Association, hereinafter referred to as the "Association", as the sole and exclusive negotiation agent for all full-time regularly employed certified personnel including classroom teachers, counselors, nurses, specialists, all regularly employed part-time certified personnel, and any other certified employees spending over 50% of their time in duties other than those listed below. The superintendent, assistant superintendent, principals, assistant principals, directors, deans, non-certified nurses, social workers, psychologists, technology coordinator, and any other personnel providing administrative, supervisory or support services for at least 50% of the time are specifically excluded from this Agreement.

1.2 Part-Time Employees. The wages, hours, terms and conditions of employment for part time employees shall be as provided for in this section.* Further, the definitions and provisions of this Agreement shall be applicable to part-time certified personnel recognized in the above recognition clause, as set forth below.

All part-time employment with the District is at will and subject to annual renewal or non-renewal at the discretion of the Board. Accordingly, all part-time employment with the District will end on the final date of the employee's contracted date of employment with the District, or on June 30th of each school year, whichever date is earlier.

*Footnote: Unless otherwise noted, the following provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement apply to BOTH full-time and part-time employees.