Cairo Association of Teachers - Memorandum of Agreement

2014-2017 SCHOOL YEARS

Preface – If practices are found to be in conflict with applicable Board Policy and/or applicable provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, then said Board Policy and/or provision of the Collective Bargaining Agreement shall take precedent.

Preparation Time – All reasonable efforts shall be made to incorporate music, art, and/or PE into the daily elementary curriculum in order to give teachers preparation time during the school day. Failing that, alternatives will be explored to provide additional preparation time during the first/last week of school at the elementary level.

Class Size – All reasonable efforts shall be made to maintain small class size at the elementary level. If enrollment in an elementary classroom exceeds twenty-five (25), the situation may be brought to the attention of the administration, and the matter will be subject to “impact” bargaining. Instances in which the class size exceeds thirty (30) will be addressed under Section 3.10 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Extra Duty – The Cairo Association of Teachers confirms and supports well-organized and effective extra-curricular programs for Cairo students. The Cairo Association of Teachers' leadership will join with district administration (Board of Education) to actively encourage and influence professional staff to assist in improving extra-curricular programs by assisting, insofar as possible, in the coaching and sponsorship of the various athletic and club programs.

Participation In Extra Duty Programs – The Cairo Association of Teachers confirms and supports well-organized and effective extra-curricular programs for Cairo students. Accordingly, the Cairo Association of Teachers will join with the administration (Board of Education) to recruit and develop a volunteer group of certified staff...willing to assist the District as supervisors and/or workers at athletic events and as chaperones on away events. In the event sufficient volunteers cannot be recruited...the Cairo Association of Teachers will support the administration (Board of Education) in implementation of the provisions included in Section 4.5 (Extra Duty Ball Game Work) of the Contractual Agreement.

Relocation Allowance – The Parties agree that the District may, in its discretion, offer a relocation allowance of up to $500 for newly-hired regular employees.

Grievance – This Memorandum of Agreement shall not be subject to the grievance resolution process of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Statement of Intent – The parties’ intent in entering into this Memorandum of Agreement is to set forth their mutual understanding of their legal rights and obligations under applicable law. It is not the parties’ intent to alter their pre-existing rights and obligations, nor for either party to add or waive any rights that existed prior to this Memorandum of Understanding.

Actions Required By Law – The parties acknowledge that any joint action required by the District in cooperation with the Association by law or regulations (IDEA, RTI, etc.) will be accomplished in accordance with such timelines and/or deadlines as the legislation or rules may require. IDEA, RTI, etc. work required to be performed outside the normal school workday will be paid at the prevailing stipend rate, in accordance with the applicable provisions of the CBA.