CAT Tracks for July 12, 2019

From the July 11h Edition of The Cairo Citizen

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CAT Tracks Editor's Note:

I want to believe in the Cairo Port Authority project...

...I want to believe, I want to believe.

And when I read the article above ($150 million for the Cairo port!!!), my continuing skepticism crumbled...

...until a fellow pessimist doused my rare fit of optimism.

Silly me.

Upon prompting, I went back and re-read previous articles about the "$150 million appropriated for ports", the appropriation was for 19 ports! The amount for Cairo was unknown.

So, being an eternal pessimist in "promises" for Cairo...

...whether that be the latest grocery store, or the Riverboat Casino from days gone by, I fall back on my knee-jerk reaction:

I wanna believe, I wanna believe, BUT (yes, that's a big ol' "but")...

The only ember of optimism that remains in my cold, hard heart is the fact that former Republican Governor Rauner's foundation kicked in $100,000 towards the project, the Democratic-controlled General Assembly approved $1 million last year, and now, sumthin', sumthin' this year. And, not to forget, it is REPUBLICAN Senator Dale Fowler who has been the driving force behind the project (and why this life-long Democrat voted for him!)

Bipartisanship in 2019! Who knew?

So, to appropriate Reverend Jesse Jackson's mantra:

Keep hope alive...