CAT Tracks for July 2, 2019

A couple of folks inquired as to why I had not given a first-hand accounting of the recent wind damage to St. Mary's Park, the demolition of the McBride housing complex, and the imminent demolition of Elmwood.

Actually, I tried to cover the Park story immediately following the storm, but the streets were blocked off by downed trees. The next day we had another storm and by the third day I just gave up. (BTW: The high winds did not confine themselves to St. Mary's Park, they are everywhere. In addition, the old VFW building took a fatal hit, its distinctive brick top tumbled onto the right lane of southbound Sycamore Street. Looking through the entrance, you clearly see that that roof has collapsed onto the interior.)

As for the demolition of McBride, I went drove to the area only to find the streets barricaded with those big orange concrete blocks. I entertained the thought of exiting my vehicle and hoofing it past the barriers, but reconsidered, thinking maybe law enforcement might be of the opinion that a barrier meant KEEP OUT!

During the past month, I drove by Elmwood a few times and saw the preparatory work (piles of fencing, playground equipment, concrete slabs, and general refuse), but no actual demolition of buildings. I decided to await the wrecking ball.


...I was finally shamed into action this past Saturday morning and ventured forth with trusty iPhone in hand.

Click the links below to see what's been happening in Cairo during the past few weeks:

After the clean-up at St. Mary's Park

McBride demolition in progress

Elmwood demolition pending