CAT Tracks for July 4, 2019

From The New York Times

Fourth of July Quiz

CAT Tracks Editor's Note:

In keeping with the adage that "curiosity killed the cat", I could not resist taking the quiz...

...and I lived to tell about it, hell, brag about it! I scored 9.5 out of 10. How's that you say? Well, the Times graded me out at a "9" and praised me on my success. However, when I Googled the question I supposedly missed , guess which answer came up...mine, not theirs. The details went on to say that it was a common myth, which I had actually figured when I clicked the choice, declining my gut instinct to go with "their" correct answer. Thus the 9.5.

But, hey, I should do well. I taught this stuff...forever!

So, anyway, if you haven't already, take the quiz...

...only you will see the results and if anybody should ask how you did, you can follow our current president's lead and lie your butt off! You'd still have 10 or 11 thousand to go before you catch up. Oh, wait, that's not a static number...he's probably adding to it as I type! Tweet, tweet, tweet!!!

One thing is for certain...

...The Donald would FLUNK!

If you think me unpatriotic for being negative today, America's Birthday...

...well "your favorite president, me" ruined if for me when he turned the day into a MAGA rally.

I'm tempted to "take a knee" to his celebration, but I know he would just think that I was kneeling to pay homage to his exalted glory.


...instead, I'll just binge watch some TV series tonight.

Happy Fourth of July!

POSTSCRIPT: I'm actually kinda proud of my restraint in the The Donald's daily assault on democracy. This is my first Donald post since November 10, 2018! (BTW: My assessment of that date? Bears repeating!)

POSTSCRIPT II: Yes, I read THE MUELLER REPORT, all 400+ pages. And contrary to The Donald's protestations, Barr's subterfuge, and the Republican Party's butt-kissing adoration of Dear Leader...Donald J. Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice. As for "collusion", if (and that's a big IF) he wasn't guilty in 2016, he publicly announced he's open for business for 2020. Donald J. Trump, a clear and present danger to the United States of America.