CAT Tracks for August 13, 2019

Why should you join (or remain a member of) the Cairo Association of Teachers?

Let me count the ways...

From the Illinois Education Association

Membership Privileges

CAT Tracks Editor's Note:

If you own/rent a house, you'd best have insurance. If you own/drive a car, you'd best have insurance. Then there's health insurance, life insurance, etc.

Question: What pays for all of the above?

Answer: The paycheck from your J-O-B.

So, stands to reason that the most important insurance policy that you can/should buy is job security and THAT is what you get when you join the CAT-IEA-NEA.

Don't even think about teaching school without it!!!

I mean, if you are even entertaining the thought of not joining (or dropping your membership) then you had best see your insurance agent about coverage in case a parent or anyone decides to sue you.

We do live in a litigious era!

With your CAT-IEA-NEA Membership comes $1 million of employment liability insurance AND legal representation by lawyers steeped in education law, not will-making, divorces, etc. Over the years, many CSD #1 employees have had occasion to use these services.

And, that's not even the most important reason to be a CAT:

It's the right thing to do!

The salary, benefits, and rights that you have as an employee of Cairo School District Number One were not given out of the goodness of Board of Education's heart. They are the result of hard work and the strength of numbers, negotiated from a seat at the table, a seat secured by the efforts of union members at the local, state, and national level.

All of this costs money, money paid by union members. I couldn't look my colleagues in the eye (nor myself in the mirror) if I took for free what others had worked so hard to earn, and even harder to keep.

Solidarity forever!