CAT Tracks for September 5, 2019

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From The New York Times

The Back-to-School Quiz

CAT Tracks Editor's Note:

For the record, I scored 13 out of 14...

...missing one when I went for the silly instead of my gut.

POSTSCRIPT: I feel like I was set up! I mean, during The Donald's "lost summer", silly has ruled. So, my "silly" choice was the safe bet. Sadly, the question I missed was about the Democrats who have been fighting for sanity. Silly me!

FOOTNOTE: I trust that residents of Alabama have evacuated in the face of Hurricane Dorian. I mean, the President we all love (according to him) has said for three straight days (showing a sharpie-modified chart to prove it!) that Alabama is in danger. Geez. The World Meteorological Organization messed up, it should have named the damned hurricane "Donald" instead of "Dorian". Maybe that would have been enough "glory" to placate our narcissistic president, allowing We, the People to be spared from yet another round of lies. Sigh.