CAT Tracks for September 6, 2019

Former administrator in Cairo School District Number One.

"Bill" spent two years at Cairo High School:

The 1979-1980 school year (the final year of the "old" building) as Secondary Instructional Director...

...and the 1980-1981 school year in the current building as Curriculum Director.

If I am not mistaken, Dr. Thomas spent the 1981-1982 school year at the District Central Office as an Administrative Assistant (but I could find no record of it in the 1982 Egypti.)

My personal condolences to his wife, Majoice (who taught Spanish at CHS for three years) and the family.

From the Roller Funeral Homes Website

Obituary: Dr. William "Bill" Edwin Thomas

From the 1979-1980 Cairo High School Egypti: