CAT Tracks for December 14, 2020

Looking back at the 2019-2020 School Year - aka Fiscal Year 2020 (FY20) - in Cairo, Egyptian, and Meridian. (I normally include Century, but they did not publish their financial statement in Monday's Pub this least as of this date. If they publish later, which they did last year, I shall update this post.)

As is indicated in the fine print of the "exhibits" provided below, every public school district in Illinois is required to prepare an "Annual Statement of Affairs Summary", make it available for public inspection in the district administrative office by December 1st, and publish it in the local newspaper.

During the past three weeks, Monday's Pub has provided this service.

If it's controversy and catty commentary you want, then venture to the archives for a replay of the corresponding editions from previous years.

For your viewing convenience, I have provided links to the most recent:

As with recent years, I have only published the "Annual Statement of Affairs Summary"...

...dispensing with the "Salary Schedule of Gross Payments for Certificated and Non-certificated Personnel" and the "Payments to Person, Firm, or Corporation Over $2,500."

Those annual statement of affairs summaries follow:

(Century not available.)


The "Educational" fund is the driving fund in school finance.

Meridian edged out Cairo for the biggest improvement, an increase of $789,120 over last year, Cairo increasing by $760,376. Egyptian showed an increase of $377,751.

Bottom line:

Cairo's $6,012,712 is more than the combined educational funds of Egyptian and Meridian, a total of $4,599,211.

So... local school finances, CSD #1 is, well, still #1.