CAT Tracks for November 16, 2021

The Cairo Board of Education held a Regular Meeting on Tuesday, November 16th, at 6 p.m.

The agenda is immediately below...

...followed by the CAT President's report and supporting documents:

CAT President's Report: (Ryan O'Shea substituting.)

I. Call to Order/Roll Call -- Tarver, Coleman, Stubblefield, Moore, Harris (5:57 p.m.) and S. Nelson at 6:06 p.m. McAllister -- absent. Also in attendance -- Superintendent P. Rice, Principal Z. Nelson, Principal J. Ronna, and Sheila Snyder -- Home Depot Custodial Services through SIPC (Southern Illinois Public Cooperative)

II. Examples of Excellence -- none

III. Public/Private Hearings -- none

IV. Approval of Consent Agenda

Items 1-7 approved (Stubblefield - 1st, Coleman - 2nd) -- All Aye/Yea

V. Superintendent's Report

(1) -- Custodial Services--Sheila Snyder from Home Depot Custodial Services and Southern Illinois Public Cooperative presented to BOE concerning the efficiency of cleaning practices among custodial staff. She indicated that Home Depot will come into both buildings and audit the cleaning practices of custodial staff and discuss ways to reduce costs of cleaning in both buildings. Home Depot will recommend ways to reduce costs and provide professional development to custodial staff at no cost to the District. They will provide an audit of costs at no charge and provide practices to make their time more efficient. If the District purchases products through SIPC (Southern Illinois Public Cooperative) and Home Depot, the deliveries will be made the next day. Southern Illinois Public Cooperative is a group/cooperative of area superintendents to provide services like Home Depot to area districts and Supt. Rice indicated that this is a group of superintendents that can be trusted. Home Depot will provide quizzes and examinations to custodial staff to determine their knowledge base of cleaning. Superintendent Rice emphasized that all trainings provided by Home Depot are free of charge and complimentary. "Teachers and administrative assistants receive professional development so should custodial staff." -- Stubblefield questioned about professional development for custodians versus maintenance staff. Ms. Snyder indicated that maintenance staff would receive professional development trainings as well.

(2) - Energy Update

USDA Grant -- CSD # 1 was awarded the grant for virtual classrooms through a cooperative so that students can receive and share classes from area schools and districts. If students are in need of a particular class (foreign language, etc.), they could take the class through the virtual classroom with teachers from other schools/districts. An aide/teacher's assistant would be necessary for monitoring the virtual classroom.

A community partnering grant has been submitted for SEL (Social Emotional Learning) through ISBE and the District would work with Arrowleaf to provide services for students. Also, community engagement activities would be provided such as the local NAACP would provide community engagement activities and events in order to ensure a better relationship between the school and community.

ESA Grant -- Superintendent Rice is working with energy companies to improve energy efficiency especially at CJSHS where the light fixtures are over 18 years old. Superintendent Rice is looking at improvements where the initial costs would outweigh long term costs over time. He is promising to "reap" the savings over time. Also, he is looking at HVAC Systems to compare and contrast to find the best deal especially at CJSHS. Superintendent Rice has a plan to recommend a HVAC System at the December BOE Meeting to present to Board. Superintendent Rice is looking to provide the "very best prices, very best deals" on the HVAC Systems.

6. -- Closed Session

The BOE entered closed session at 6:22 p.m. -- Stubblefield - 1st, Coleman - 2nd.

The BOE exited closed session at 7:15 p.m.

7. Requiring Action/Decisions by BOE:

    1. Approve the Hiring of Terry Crowe as a CES Teacher. - Motion Passes

    2. Approve Estimated Tax Levy -- Moore and Harris abstain. All others Stubblefield, Coleman, Tarver, Nelson -- Aye/Yea.

    3. Approve the Pay-order for A & W Plumbing CES Roof/HVAC Project -- $147,670.06 -- Moore, Harris, Stubblefield, Coleman, Tarver, and Nelson -- Aye/Yea.

    4. Approve the Pay-order for A & W Plumbing concerning CES Roof/HVAC Project -- $29,845.23 -- Moore, Harris, Stubblefield, Coleman, Tarver, and Nelson -- Aye/Yea.

The BOE voted to adjourn at 7:20 p.m.

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