CAT Tracks for June 18, 2022

Susan Fletcher was a long-time educator in Cairo School District Number One. Unfortunately, I have no personal knowledge of Susan's regular teaching service since there is no record in the CHS Egypti. A colleague mentioned teaching service at Cairo's Bennett Elementary School.

However, I do know and remember Susan for her invaluable service to the District, especially at Cairo High School as our go-to substitute teacher. She was extremely conscientious, insuring that the absent teacher's lesson plans were carried out (not a given) and leaving detailed notes of student accomplishments and behavior. If a teacher was going to be absent (as I often was), you were relieved to discover that Susan Fletcher was available and that education would actually continue in your absence. Plus, well, Susan was just a very nice person.

My sincerest condolences to her family and friends.

Rest in Peace, Susan...


Obituary: Susan Fletcher