CAT Tracks for August 30, 2021
THE TIME HAS COME... rectify a 40-year-old mistake.


...the federal government has just given Cairo School District Number One the money to do so, with millions left over to do other things!

Look at the following chart:

Yes, you read that right, CSD #1 is going to receive $4,502,500 of COVID relief funding.

Remember when the pandemic started and people were desperately looking for ways to combat COVID-19? One of the first recommendations from the CDC - an easy and inexpensive way - was to improve ventilation by simply opening the windows. My catty commentary at the time noted that Cairo Junior/Senior High School did not have that weapon in its arsenal thanks to its lack of said windows. Well, the District has now been provided with the money to remedy this situation.

Back in the day, probably 30 years ago, a construction contractor told us that it would cost about $1,000 per window. Yeah, today it would probably cost four times as much, hell, maybe even $5,000 per window. But, for a small fraction of these gifted federal funds, the District could finally provide natural light and fresh air to all the students, staff, and faculty of Cairo School District Number One!

Think installing windows (proven to reduce virus spread) is a silly idea, a questionable use of COVID-19 funding?

Well, here's what one of our neighbors thinks is appropriate...

From The Southern Illinoisan

Anna-Jonesboro High School earmarks nearly $900K of COVID-19 relief grant on football field astroturf

Bears repeating:

The time has come...