CAT Tracks for September 24, 2022

Yes, just received an e-mail (Morning of September 26th) from Illinois American Water that the boil water order for Cairo & Future City has been lifted...AGAIN!

So, drink up...

...but DRINK FAST! The last "Lifted" last only three hours!


The original post is below, so I can repost it later. Double MEOW!

After three hours of drinking Cairo water, I am notified that I shouldn't be drinking it!!!???

Either somebody messed up and issued a false "Boil Water Order Has Been Lifted" notice or there has been another water main break. In their new order, they did NOT indicate why the change.

There is only one appropriate catty commentary for this...


So, IGNORE the notice below!!!

PS: A silver lining for me. People for years have been telling me that I should be drinking more water. I've always responded with: "Water will rust your pipes." Time for a beer...CHEERS!

From Illinois American Water

Boil Water Order for Cairo/Future City