Cairo Association of Teachers - Bylaws


Section 1 - Elections Committee

A. Composition. The President shall appoint an Elections Committee with the advice and consent of the Executive Committee. The Elections Committee shall select one of their own to serve as chairperson.

B. Duties. Conduct Association elections consistent with procedures established by the IEA Elections Committee

Section 2 - Election Procedures

A. Calendar. The Elections Committee shall establish a local election calendar with nomination and election timelines.

B. Conduct. All elections shall be conducted by open nomination and secret ballot.

C. Nominations. Reasonable notice shall be given for nomination to all offices to be filled. Said notice shall include the method for submitting nominations and the timeline for doing same.

D. Write-In Provision. A write-in provision is required in all local elections.

E. Eligibility. All active dues paying members must be afforded the opportunity to run for and/or vote in any election representing active members. This does not include fair share or reserved members.

F. Notice. A notice of at least fourteen (14) calendar days to all members is required for all local elections.

G. Consistency. All election procedures shall be consistent with Regional, State and Federal requirements.

H. Use of Dues. No dues may be used in support of a candidate for any Local, Regional, State or National office.

I. Offices Governed by this Article. All Local Executive Officers, Delegates to the IEA Representative Assembly, and Delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly.

J. Runoff Elections. In the event that there is no candidate who has received a majority of the votes cast for a particular office, the Elections Committee shall immediately conduct a runoff election between the two candidates who received the highest number of votes for that office. Runoff elections shall be conducted in the same manner as the original election.

K. Results of the Election. The results of the election must be published in a timely manner which allows members to obtain the information without unusual effort.

Section 3 - Election Challenges

Any member(s) desiring to challenge the conduct of any election shall file a written challenge according to the procedures as follows:

A. Local Level. Initial challenges to all local elections governed by this Article shall made to the President and/or member of the Executive Committee. Such challenges must be made no later than fourteen (14) calendar days of issuance of the election results.

B. Region, State, and National Level. Consult the region, state, and national governing documents for additional challenge procedures and timelines, especially for offices which serve as delegates to the IEA and NEA Representative Assemblies.