Cairo History Links


Whether you are a native "Cairoite", a welcome "immigrant", or just plain interested in the history of Cairo, the links below will provide you with a sampling of "the good, the bad, and the ugly"...

Wikipedia - Cairo, Illinois

Lewis and Clark at the Confluence of America

In the Shadow of the New Madrid Fault

How Southern Illinois Came to be Known as Little Egypt

Mark Twain's Mississippi River

A View of Cairo by Charles Dickens (3rd Page of Article)

Illinois Central Railroad

Illinois Folk Song - "Goin' Down to Cairo"

Southernmost Illinois History - Civil War Era

More on Cairo's Role During the Civil War

New Book - "Key Command: Ulysses S. Grant's District of Cairo"

Southernmost Illinois History - Ulysses S. Grant Slept Here

Mound City National Cemetery

U.S.S. CAIRO (Union Ironclad Gunboat, City Class)

Illinois History Teacher - African-Americans 1863-1900

Yellow Fever Outbreak in 1878

The North Starts in Cairo; Hattie Kendrick

Historic Cairo from the Pilot Light 2000 Web Site

Southernmost Illinois History - Old Cairo Postcards

Southernmost Illinois History - Cairo U.S. Custom House

SCC Local History Project - Alexander County

Let My People Go - Preston Ewing Jr. & Jan Peterson Roddy

Illinois Times - Cairo Deserves Better

Cairo: A City Caught between the Tides - New Video

Darrel Dexter Illuminates Cairo's Past

Alexander County Genealogy Trails

The Cairo Experience: Civil Rights Litigation in a Racial Powder Keg

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