Cairo Association of Teachers - Contract


3.1 Notification of Assignment

Employees shall be given written notice of their tentative assignment by June 15. A written notice of assignment for the ensuing school year shall be given no later than July 15. In the event changes are made in the employee's assignment after this date, the employee shall be notified promptly in writing with reasons for same and afforded a conference with his/her immediate building supervisor and/or superintendent and shall be entitled to have a representative of the Association present.

The assignment for the ensuing school year (as of July 15) shall include: (1) location of teaching station, (2) grade level and/or subject area(s), and (3) class schedule.

Note: It is understood by the parties that Section 3.1 shall not be used to deny an employee voluntary or involuntary transfer rights.

3.2 Definition of Vacancy

A promotional vacancy is that position which remains unfilled after the administration has exercised its options with respect to transfer of administrative staff. With respect to bargaining unit positions, vacancies are defined as new positions or vacated positions as identified by the administration.

3.3 Notification of Vacancies and Promotions

As they occur, teaching vacancies and vacancies in promotional positions shall be posted in the attendance centers during the school year and in the administrative offices throughout the calendar year. Notices pertaining to such vacancies shall be included in employee paychecks.

Any training which is offered by the District shall be advertised as per this section. Seniority shall be a consideration, but not a controlling influence.

3.4 Voluntary Staff Transfer

Any qualified employee who received at least a satisfactory rating in his/her most recent evaluation may apply for transfer to an existing teaching vacancy as identified in Section 3.3 of this Agreement. Such application shall be in writing to the Superintendent and the building principal where the vacancy exists. If application is made at least 30 calendar days prior to the first day of a new school year, the voluntary transfer shall be granted. If the request for voluntary transfer is made after this time, including during the school year, it shall be granted if the District can fill the volunteer's vacated position as easily as the one being advertised.

In the event that more than one employee applies for a transfer to an existing teaching vacancy as identified in Section 3.3 of this Agreement, the Board has the authority to choose the most qualified employee amongst those applying for said existing teaching vacancy.

3.5 Conformity With Agreement

The hours, salaries, or other terms and conditions of employment of any employee shall be consistent with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

3.6 Internal Substitution

Internal substitution shall be voluntary. Any employee who agrees to forfeit his/her scheduled planning period shall be compensated at the rate of $20.

3.7 Accounting of Sick Days

The Board agrees to provide each teacher with a statement on the first day of each school year that indicates the total number of sick leave days available to (be taken by) the teacher for that particular school year. The total number of available sick leave days includes the number of unused sick leave days accumulated from previous school years, if any, and the number of sick leave days allotted for the immediate school year. Said statement shall indicate both numbers as well as the total number. Further, a tracking of sick days used during the current school year and the reduced accumulated total shall be reported to the teacher on the second monthly paycheck.

3.8 Involuntary Transfer

Prior to the involuntary transfer of a teacher for nondisciplinary or non-remedial reasons to a position in another building to which the teacher was not assigned for any part of the prior year, the transfer position will first be posted as per Section 3.3 of the Agreement. EXCEPTION: If an employee vacates a position, the District administration may reassign personnel WITHIN that same building without external advertisement IF the intent is to reduce the number of teaching positions within that building. However, the "vacancy" SHALL be posted internally within that building so that employees may exercise their rights under Section 3.4 - Voluntary Transfer.

If after complying with the first paragraph of this section, the position is vacant or if the involuntary transfer is for disciplinary or remedial reasons, the reason(s) for the involuntary transfer must be clearly specified in writing to the teacher fifteen school days prior to the effective date. The reason(s) must be accurate and substantial.

A teacher with ten or more years of experience in the District will have the right to veto any reassignment (as defined in the first paragraph of this section) unless the reassignment is being done to reduce the number of teaching positions. (The reduction in position(s) may be any reduction via attrition or RIF that takes place prior to the beginning of the first day of school.)

3.9 "Traveling" Teachers

Traveling teachers shall be considered for daily duty and extra-curricular assignments only in the building where they eat lunch. (This provision does not apply to those paid positions listed in the Extra Duty Salary Schedule.) Any teacher having a complaint about the assignment of such duties shall have a meeting with the superintendent, principal, and an Association representative of his/her choice to review and discuss the situation.

3.10 Class Size

When the enrollment of any self-contained elementary classroom or any academic secondary classroom exceeds thirty (30) students, the teacher shall notify his/her immediate supervisor in writing. The supervisor shall immediately sign and date said written notification to acknowledge receipt of same and provide the teacher with a copy at that time. The teacher and the immediate supervisor shall each send a separate copy of said written notification to the superintendent. The administration then has a grace period of ten (10) school attendance days to verify the allegation and, if true, to correct said situation without penalty. If the teacher does indeed have over thirty (30) students enrolled and the situation is not corrected within said grace period, the teacher shall be compensated at the internal substitution rate for each period of said violation from and including the date of written notification to the immediate supervisor. (Compensation for full-day violations shall be five (5) times the hourly internal substitution rate.) If enrollment in said classroom exceeds thirty-five (35) students, then that class shall be immediately divided into sections that do not exceed thirty (30) students. The administration shall make every effort to schedule the new section(s) so that a current bargaining unit member--if he/she so desires--can be employed under the provisions of Section 3.11-D. Only if this is not possible, shall the employer sub-contract said work. This sub-contracted position shall terminate at the conclusion of the school year. Academic secondary classrooms are defined as all classes except P.E., Music, Library, and Study Hall. If the initial enrollment of an elementary P.E. class which includes special education students exceeds thirty (30) in number, an aide will be assigned if requested by the teacher.

3.11 Working Conditions

The length of the work day for all employees shall not exceed seven and one half (7 1/2) consecutive hours including preparation periods and lunch periods.

A. All employees shall have a duty free lunch period of no less than 30 minutes and an unassigned preparation period. Said lunch periods and preparation periods shall be provided daily unless school is dismissed early. At the secondary level, the preparation period will be equal in length to a regular class period. At the elementary level, the preparation period will be no less than forty-five (45) consecutive minutes.

B. If an employee is required to assume the responsibility of another employee's students simultaneously with his/her own students, then the employee shall be compensated at the internal substitution rate per period of said requirement.

C. Any traveling employee shall be provided with preparation and lunch periods as would any other employee and traveling time shall be scheduled so as not to infringe on these relief periods. Traveling time shall be scheduled so as to allow time for take-down and clean-up at one work-site, travel time, and set-up at the next work-site.

D. Any employee assigned a class during their preparation period will be paid a prorata stipend (1/6).

E. Any special education teacher whose number of special education students exceeds the limits mandated by state and/or federal law shall be compensated at the internal substitution rate for each period of said violation. If an aide is required for an individual student by an IEP and none is present, the teacher shall be compensated at the internal substitution rate per period of said requirement.

F. Home Visits--No employee shall be required to make unaccompanied home visits. Employees who agree to make home visits shall be provided time during the regular school day to make such visits.

3.12 Instructional Facilities

If it becomes necessary to assign an academic class to an area other than a classroom (e.g. cafeteria, boiler room, etc.) for more than ten (10) school days, that situation shall be impact bargained.

3.13 Faculty Meetings

Faculty meetings shall not exceed thirty (30) minutes in length. If more time is necessary, school shall be dismissed early and the meeting shall not extend beyond the normal dismissal time. Any teacher who leaves after these stipulated times shall not be reprimanded nor considered insubordinate or unprofessional.

3.14 Bomb Threat - Procedure

In all cases, where a school official is notified of a bomb threat, students and employees shall be evacuated from the building. No employee shall be required or requested to search for the bomb. Teachers will supervise students outside the building.

3.15 Lunch Supervision

Bargaining unit members shall not be required to perform lunch supervision duties unless that situation is first bargained with the Association and an agreement reduced to writing.

3.16 Dispensing of Medicine

No employee--except a certified nurse--shall be required to store or administer medication to students. Students shall be referred to proper, designated medical or administrative personnel for this function. The employer shall indemnify and save harmless from any liability any employees who administer medication to students in direct response to an order from supervisory personnel to do so.

3.17 Lesson Plans

In the event of absence, teachers shall make every effort to insure that lesson plans are available for substitute teachers. Building principals may request that three (3) days of "emergency lesson plans" be on file in the office in the event that a teacher is unexpectedly absent and unable to leave/send lesson plans for a substitute.