Cairo Association of Teachers - Contract


7.1 The parties agree that their duly designated representatives shall negotiate in good faith with respect to the terms and conditions of employment contained herein. Each party shall select its own representatives. Negotiations shall begin no earlier than April 1.

7.2 If agreement is not reached by August 1, the parties may mutually declare that an impasse exists and call for a mediator. If agreement has not been reached by the termination date of the agreement and mediation has not been previously provided, either party may declare impasse requiring a joint request for mediation. Prior to any request for mediation, the parties must agree on those items which are at dispute and to be presented to the mediator for solution.

7.3 When an impasse has been determined, the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service shall be requested by the parties to appoint a mediator from its staff. The mediator shall meet as soon as possible with the parties or their representatives or both, either jointly or separately, and shall take such steps as the mediator deems appropriate to persuade the parties to resolve their differences and effect a mutually acceptable agreement.