Cairo Association of Teachers - Contract


8.1 If the Board reduces the tenured teaching staff, such reductions shall be made on the basis of seniority.

8.2 The years granted shall be based on the number of years employed in the District beginning with the first day of employment on a full-time basis. If District seniority is equal, prior teaching seniority will control and if those are equal the greater number of hours beyond the bachelor's degree will control.

8.3 To qualify, a teacher must meet the Illinois State Board of Education's Document I standards. To be qualified for a position requiring Montessori training a teacher can either have the training or be willing to be trained at the first possible opportunity.

8.4 Application for changes in qualifications must be made by the teacher by March 1st of the school year to be given consideration for the following year's staffing. The Board will provide the Association with a copy of the seniority list by February 1st.

8.5 Recall will be in the reverse of layoff as long as the most senior teacher on recall is qualified according to Document I for the available position.

8.6 Teachers who may be eligible for reduction can be retained regardless of position on the seniority list if the purpose of such retention is to maintain minority teachers in the District.