If you were expecting the 2000 Egypti... missed/forgot one of my earlier posts. (Gotta be the former, since all of my posts are unforgettable! ;-) It was a "special edition" that ended up under windshield wipers all over Cairo too! With that "tease", I'll leave ya hangin'.)

Okay, I guess it's not nice to tease...

As a hint, it involved my "early retirement" from Cairo High School in 1995. That's the year that Cairo School District Number One decided to split up the Newells...shipping my wife, Julie, off to Emerson Elementary because she posed a threat to "homeland security" (literally sleeping with the enemy!) My personal protest was to never again participate in the "faculty shoot" for the CHS Egypti. I also declined to purchase those future editions. So...if anyone wants to see post-1995 CHS Egyptis, you'll have to loan me a copy (which I promise to return...undamaged.) I do plan on posting the years 1975, 1985, and 1995 next...and that will probably do it. I'll miss a few teachers, but it will provide a good sampling of those who served.

But, first...


Recognizing the fact that there are still loyal readers on dial-up, I am going to deviate from my previous format and split the pictures into groups.

I took the liberty of expanding my coverage to include students. (Unfortunately, for the Freshmen and Sophomores, the name-listing does not correspond to the students pictured.


If you are looking for your parents, grand-parents, great-whatever-parents, maybe you will spot the family resemblance. (I'm still fascinated by 1930 teacher Mary of my teachers in 1962-63. OMG!)

Nuff said.

Back, back into time...

...when my mother's peers roamed the hallowed halls of Cairo High School. (Since Sainted Mother was born in 1916, she might have been a Freshman in 1930. Regardless, I didn't look for her picture...since, like myself, she attended St. Joseph's School.)


Administration & Faculty

Senior Class

Last Will and Testament

Junior Class

Sophomore Class

Freshman Class