Uh, oh...

...he must be bored again.

Maybe, but there was other "inspiration" for this venture.

Received an e-mail yesterday from "". They have gotten heavily into scanning and selling old yearbooks. They proudly informed me that they had a 1975 Egypti...just for me!

Well, I already have one (although I did forward the link to my sister-in-law Marilyn who was a Freshman that year.)

If you would like to check it out, click here.


...that visit back into time reminded me of a project that has been on the back burner for years now.

For those wanting me to write the book about Cairo School District Number One...

...ain't gonna happen!


For fun, I thought about scanning and posting the faculty pages of my old yearbooks.

CAT Tracks Editor's Note:

I have no wish to slight my friends and colleagues who taught at Cairo Junior High, Bennett, and Emerson. If any of you have pictures, memorabilia...send it on! I simply don't have any...except the strike pictures that have been published on the Preserving History page.)

Without further ado...

The administration, faculty, and staff of Cairo High School in 1970...the conclusion of my first year of teaching..."Genesis" if you will!

Well, first of all...the cover.

1970...the year The Beatles broke up.

Cairo High School published its own "White Album"!

The scan definitely did not do the cover justice. In addition to the 1970 that you can see, there are embossed 1970s above and below. It's actually quite cool.


I was kidding about "Genesis"!

Although I often kid about my Epistles and Gospels (and a former BOE member once commented on my ever-present "halo" when I was defending members from trials and tribulations), I am grounded in the fact that I am a mere mortal...albeit waging war on the disciples of the devil (aka he who shall remain nameless!)

But, there is another reason that my personal "In the beginning" fails to pass muster.

Take a look at the cover of another Cairo High School Egypti in my possession:

At a later date, I shall publish some pages from that much earlier edition.

In the meantime...


Although a member of the CHS faculty since the 1968-1969 School Year, Bob Conroy is not pictured above. He is elsewhere in the book, particularly in the athletics section, but evidently missed "mug shot" day.


Not that you would notice...

The faculty pictures...listing various hobbies, but none for me?

Needless to say, I don't remember the circumstances...don't even know if they asked. However, even if I had any hobbies, I had NO TIME! Except for sleep (which I actually did do back in the day), I was 24/7 teaching, grading papers, and preparing lesson plans. I was waaay too busy trying to relearn math, having graduated as a social studies major, but taking a math position that the District was unable to fill.


All work and no play was destined to change.

I was to discover a hobby... Miss Jones (pictured on the final page above!)

Those were the days, my friends...

...God, we were young!


Ever tinkering!

In light of a steadily declining student population...

...for newbies to appear on the CHS stage, someone must vacate the premises.

Making their CHS Farewell Tour* in 1969-1970 were:

*Actually, on a few happy occasions, those who departed returned! (Hey, if the Eagles could reunite with "Hell Freezes Over", why not CHS faculty members?)