With the CHS 1975 Egypti, we have come full circle...

...for it was the e-mail from offering me the opportunity to purchase this yearbook that prompted my journey of reminiscence.

Unless someone provides me with copies of the 2000 and 2010 editions (for which I substituted 2001 and 2009), I am done... least until 2015!

Hope these pages stirred some pleasant memories and brought to mind those who accompanied us on life's journey...

...especially those who have since reached journey's end.


Those were the days my friends, we thought they'd never end.

CAT Tracks Editor's Note:

Always "honing"...

After embarking on my "Bits & Pieces" tour - documenting the arrival of "newbies" to the hallowed halls of Cairo High School during the 1970-71 school year, is it any wonder that I would take a new look at the previously posted "0" and "5" years from this new perspective?

And, here it is...

Appearing on the Cairo High School stage for the first time in 1974-1975 were:

  • Bill Hill (Superintendent)
  • Susan Edgren
  • Roger Matthews
  • Michael McDearmon
  • Jackie Phillips
  • Linda Renkel
  • Jeff Wissinger


Cannot apply the same principle to my "newbie year", my CHS Egypti "base year"...

...unles someone provides me with a copy of the 1969 edition!


Making the CHS Farewell Tour in 1974-1975 were:

  • Bill Chumbler
  • Jane Daggett
  • Susan Edgren
  • Michael McDearmon
  • Linda Renkel