Appearing on the Cairo High School stage for the first time in 1981-1982 were:

  • John Hunt (Principal)*
  • Virgil Thomas (Principal)
  • Elmer McPherson (As an administrator...Vice Principal)
  • Ruth Bailey (If you look very closely...and use your imagination.)
  • Lynn Byrd
  • Richard Dunker
  • Debbie Hill
  • Ruth Oliver
  • Tom Parham
  • Bill Rogers
  • Kelly Sleuter (Correct spelling is "Schluter")
  • Jim West

*John Hunt was the Principal of Cairo Junior High School in 1980-81. When the decision was made to move R. Leo Verble to the District's Central Office at the conclusion of the 1980-81 School Year, the Board of Education named John Hunt as his successor. In early June (after like two weeks as CHS Principal), John Hunt took a position with Southeast Missouri University. (Bears repeating.) Enter Virgil Thomas.

Administration, Faculty, and Staff

Making the CHS Farewell Tour in 1981-1982 were: