My guilty conscience (for featuring Cairo High School administration, faculty, and staff) is somewhat soothed.

While begging for copies of the 2000, 2005, and 2010 Egypti...

...I received a copy of the 2009 District Yearbook.

Two things before I roll the video tape...

I was going to have some fun with the District administration page, to (dis)honor the primary target of the epic "CAT Journal: Friday the 13th".

Case in point:


As you know, that rendition violates my resolution to never mention his name again (much less show a picture!)

So, my second attempt was true to my guiding principle...


...looking back over the devils that have (dis)graced the pages of previously published editions of the CHS Egypti (I mean...can you spell R-O-B-E-R-T I-S-O-M?).

Well, hell, "he who" fits right in!

So, below, you will see the original undoctored scan (although feel free to scroll quickly past!)

The second scary thing about the administration, faculty, staff pictured in the 2009 District Yearbook... many are GONE already, a few even "dearly departed", in less than three years!!!

Without further ado: