Appearing on the Cairo High School stage for the first time in 1990-1991 were:

  • Inez Donnigan (Returning as First Semester Interim Principal)
  • Vern Ellis (Second Semester Interim Principal)
  • Lynn Stevenson

The Big One

Desert Storm

Making the CHS Farewell Tour in 1990-1991 were:

CAT Tracks Editor's Note:


Due to circumstances beyond my control:

...the list of those "Making the CHS Farewell Tour" is going to be a crap shoot!

For example:

I started to list "Jim West" among the dearly departed...his picture not appearing among the faculty in the CHS 1992 Egypti.

This has always been an "iffy" basis for selection since I myself disappeared from the faculty shoots after 1995, although I did not actually retire until 2008. However, due to the aforementioned unreliability of the "little grey cells"...what's an old CAT to do?!

Sure enough, Jim West can be seen in track pictures in the 1993 and 1994 editions of the Egypti.

Another example will come with the posting of the CHS 1992 Egypti and the arrival of several unidentified personnel, some of whom where not actually CSD #1 employees...professional employees (from JAMP? Elsewhere?) who used the CHS site to offer services to children with special needs.

The list goes on...

So, bear with me.

I'm doing the best I can with what I've got (left!)

As always...

...your input is welcome!

If you have more "little grey cells" left than I (a circumstance that will definitely not earn you any awards)...

...or if it was YOU, feel free to e-mail me.