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...listing appearances and farewells not originally included.

Also, a couple of new pages from the yearbook were added... well as a couple of "rants".

Appearing on the Cairo High School stage for the first time in 1994-1995 were:

  • Donna Brown
  • Jerry Casteel
  • Debbie Chambers
  • Clarence Jackson
  • Julie Kohn (Name change from Helm.)

Making the CHS Farewell Tour in 1994-1995 were:

  • Sandra T. McKinley (Principal)
  • Bob Conroy (Dean of Students)
  • Donna Brown
  • Jan Browning
  • Jerry Casteel
  • Debbie Chambers
  • Art Hager
  • Julie Newell
  • Joe Posey
  • Lynn Stevenson
  • Kathy Sanders (Retired...Returns in 1995-96 as Part-Time.)
  • Mary Susan Worthington
  • Karl Sweitzer
  • Charlene Vaughn

June 21st at 2:45 p.m.

Hellos and Goodbyes