Actually, make that the...

CJSHS 2004 Egypti!

Yep, the incredibly shrinking Cairo School District Number One shut down Cairo Junior High/Middle School at the conclusion of the 2002-2003 School Year...

...moving the 6th Grade back to Bennett Elementary and lodging the 7th & 8th Grades at Cairo High School.


Cairo Junior/Senior High School, aka CJSHS.

The yearbook remained "The Egypti".

New to the former "Cairo High School" building in 2003-2004 were:

  • Constance Williams (Principal...Second Tour)
  • Donna Brown
  • Viola Brown
  • James Davis
  • Sharon Dershimer
  • Tommy Ellis
  • Deborah Hammel
  • Judy Hughes
  • Laraine Johnson
  • Fred Jones
  • Glenda Jones
  • Linda Maborn
  • Hope Mallory
  • Marianne Maginal
  • Larry Morris
  • Conny Wilson

Did someone say "incredibly shrinking"?

Combine the administration, faculty, and staff of two buildings...

...and they fit on one page!

Making the CJSHS Farewell Tour in 2003-2004 were:

  • Once, again, unless someone provides me with a copy of the CJSHS 2005 Egypti, the departures will remain unknown.