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Cairo Association of Teachers

How often have we said..."It can't get any worse than this"...and been proven wrong?

Well, this article (hopefully) documents the absolute depths that will ever be reached in Cairo School District Number One. In a final, determined effort to break the union, a financially strapped school district threw away $500,000 rather than negotiate a settlement with its professional staff. The CAT voted in May, 2002, to end its strike and return to work without a contract in order to complete the school year. District officials, when presented the opportunity to make up the days lost, chose, instead, to close the schools on schedule - forfeiting 17 days of state aid - for the clear purpose of punishing its teachers for engaging in a legal strike.

The following school year, CAT representatives were invited to a meeting at the Regional Office between ISBE officials and District officials. The purpose of the meeting was to encourage District officials to "request" the intervention of a Financial Oversight Panel due to the District's precarious financial status. At one point, the chief ISBE representative looked District officials in the eyes and said: "When you decided not to make up those 17 days, that was a bad mistake."

Lest anyone forget...