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Cairo Association of Teachers
THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN'... least we can hope!

The signs are there...

Julie Newell...1st CAT ESP...1st CAESP President..."former employee"...working WITH CSD #1 officials to secure and introduce the keynote speaker for the dedication of the Cairo Community Education Center.

Anne Davis (IEA President), Ken Swanson (IEA Vice President), Marsha Cook (CAESP President), and Ron Newell (CAT President)...invited to sit on stage as honored guests for the dedication ceremony.

Reg Weaver...President of the National Education Association...(who as Vice President of the Illinois Education Association, came to Cairo in 1978 to support the contentious but successful effort of the CAT to gain recognition as the sole bargaining agent for certified employees)...serving as keynote speaker for the dedication ceremony! look at the history of labor-management relations in Cairo School District Number One...and this is dramatic indeed!

Time will tell...whether this moment was an aberration or the beginning of a new collaborative era. For now, sit back and enjoy...

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