Cairo Association of Teachers - History

Cairo Association of Teachers

This is a "work in progess"...

As you "mature" CATs "clean out the cages" in anticipation of your much deserved retirements...if you run across any pictures/articles, please submit them for "immortalization". The pictures/articles will be returned to you as your personal memento/souvenir of "the times that tried CATs souls"...

Birth Certificates


Standing Up to Be Recognized - 1978

IEA Minority Caucus Meets in Cairo

Jennette Posey Discrimination Case

Blendia Gaines Discrimination Case

1980 Newsletter

Active in 1981


1982 Lobby Day

Strike of '83

Standing Up for "Principal"

8 Days in '88

CATs Go To War...In Persian Gulf

First Edition of CAT Tracks

Tracks of the CAT

Blurb from '92

Woe is Dr. Crim

Be on the Watch...List

The "UNhappy Holidays" of 1994-95

Hey Diddle Diddle

Forget About Credits...I Just Wanna Walk!

1996 Negotiations

1997 Letter to the Editor

Unfair Labor Practice - ULP

It's a Gas, Gas, Gas


Eye On The Board

Outspoken CATs in 2002

17 Days That Will Live in Infamy

How Low Can They Go ...

Kicking It Up A Notch!

Outrageous RIF of 2003

The Times They Are A-Changin'

(Dis)Missive to Meridian - Leotis Swopes...In His Own Write

Memorial to Steve Kohn                    January 29, 1950 - May 6, 2003

Memorial to Linda Maborn     December 20, 1954 - January 7, 2006

Memorial to Larry Morris                    June 26, 1951 - July 23, 2006